Hawkeye Caucii

The Ben Howe Show Podcast on FTR Radio – January 3rd Edition

On last night’s show, Caleb Howe joins me along with co-host Ace of Spades as we discuss the Iowa primaries as they happened.

Here are your teasers:

  • Will Caleb endorse Barack Obama?
  • Will Ben pull his microphone off and leave the show mid-conversation?
  • Will Ace decide to go 3rd party?
  • Will the cat knock over my coffee and spill it on my computer ending the show early?

American Weapons Manufacturer Taking U.S. Government to Court for Bid Disqualification

In November I reported on American company Hawker Beechcraft being inexplicably disqualified from bidding on a weapons contract that appears ready to go to a Brazilian company named Embraer, which has questionable ties to America’s enemies. Continue reading

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The Ben Howe Show Podcast on FTR Radio – December 27th Edition

Tonight, Ace of Spades co-hosts as we bring Transom superstar Ben Domenech on to discuss the blogger journalist love emanating from Jen Rubin at The Washinton Post.  We also spend some time talking about just how many faults can be looked past when considering Mitt Romney as the nominee.

Also, Ace asks the ultimate question: How does candidate Romney effectively attack Obamacare while sparing himself the same scrutiny?

All of this, plus more discussions of Men’s Health Magazine in today’s podcast. Continue reading

War, Precincts, and Ron Paul Impersonations

The Ben Howe Show Podcast on FTR Radio – December 13th Edition

Tonight, my on-again-off-again Co-Host, Ace of Spades, work through the issues of the Republican party nominees.  Namely, that they all suck and the ones who are good suck at letting people know.  Also in the week’s episode:

  • What is truth?
  • Is war sometimes the answer?  Or is it always the answer?
  • Has the Tea Party lost it’s steam? Or have we all gone back to eating bon-bons on our couches while yelling at the tv?
  • What does it sound like when Ace impersonates Ron Paul?
  • Who killed JR?

All of this and more in the weeks podcast.  Link below.  Love it.  Share it.  Just don’t kill yourself afterwards. Continue reading