War, Precincts, and Ron Paul Impersonations

The Ben Howe Show Podcast on FTR Radio – December 13th Edition

Tonight, my on-again-off-again Co-Host, Ace of Spades, work through the issues of the Republican party nominees.  Namely, that they all suck and the ones who are good suck at letting people know.  Also in the week’s episode:

  • What is truth?
  • Is war sometimes the answer?  Or is it always the answer?
  • Has the Tea Party lost it’s steam? Or have we all gone back to eating bon-bons on our couches while yelling at the tv?
  • What does it sound like when Ace impersonates Ron Paul?
  • Who killed JR?

All of this and more in the weeks podcast.  Link below.  Love it.  Share it.  Just don’t kill yourself afterwards.

Download the Audio HereSubscribe here.

The Ben Howe Show airs Tuesday nights at 8pm & 11pm EST on FTR Radio.

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5 thoughts on “War, Precincts, and Ron Paul Impersonations

  1. Heather says:

    Listening to your show right now and am wondering at your statements about moderates. If I understand you correctly, they’re kinda just clueless wonders putting no thought process into where they actually stand, correct? Do you believe that there is only very far left or very far right thought, politically? I thought most people came down in the middle because they believe in some of the ethos from both parties? I know a number of Republicans who distrust government but still believe in Social Security, or Democrats who believe in unions but don’t believe in government-mandated healthcare. Is it that there is a definition missing for these people? To be sure, there ARE a lot of clueless people who don’t care about the political process. But what about people that find themselves put into in the middle because they cannot agree entirely on what the “base” of either party believes in?

    • Heather says:

      And what of the libertarian, the classical liberal, who believes in extremely limited government, a policy of non-interventionism, the legalization of drugs (or at least the noncriminalization), and federally funded border security (and the mightiest military we can afford) as a top priority? Someone who carries what others would call an extreme view on either the left or the right, depending on the topic. Do you agree that it is perfectly valid not to toe the base’s party line completely, to in fact agree with the other side on certain issues? Wouldn’t that person legitimately be a moderate? Or do you believe these people haven’t thought their beliefs and ideas through enough and that they are just fence sitting?

    • benhoweblog says:

      What you’re describing is a centrist or an independent. People who have views that land on both sides of the aisle are not who I’m referring to. That person can be very politically active and knowledgeable.

      My definition of a moderate is someone who is so close to a non-opinion on most things as to almost be devoid of conviction. I’ve met many of them. They are politically disinterested and make their basis of truth something other than what they actually think and rather place it on an imaginary scale (see the phrase “There is no black and white”).

      • Heather says:

        OIC. I guess when you were talking about it I misunderstood you. It sounded like you were saying that ALL people who are in the middle politically are fence-sitters, when you meant people either uninterested in the process, or people who say they’re something without giving any thought to it (that lowest common denominator that candidates pander to). I stand corrected! I didn’t get to finish the podcast as I was trying to program and couldn’t concentrate on them both (work wins, sorry). I didn’t catch whether or not you had distinguished your defintion of moderate with a ‘centrist/independent’ moderate.

        • benhoweblog says:

          Actually I probably never specified. I always assume everyone knows what i mean by ‘moderate’ but often people don’t. Maybe I’ll write something up about it. Thanks for listening!

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